500 Tropical Fruit Dedydrator to Dry Mango Pineapple Jackfruit Banana and Avocado DPHG080S-G

2 years ago

Tropical Fruit Dehydrator, Hot Air Heat Pump Dryer,Saving about 70% Energy, Shortening Drying Time. Dried Mango.Drying pineapple, Drying Banana, Drying Jack fruit, Drying Avocado

-The temperature rises quickly and is not affected by the environment

-Fully enclosed operation to prevent secondary pollution

-Low temperature drying, higher product quality

-Energy saving

-Stable running for 15 years

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How does the Heat Pump Dryer Work?

The heat pump dryer are designed three structures on different items and enviroments

Open  Type

It can replace the existing boiler, electric heating, reduce the labor cost by the intelligent operation, and ensure the quality of drying.

The highest temperature can be 80℃. 

Closing Type

The closing type overcomes the effect of the outside temperature and humidity, it gets dry fast with low temperature, high efficiency, high quality.

 Especially good for food, medicine, flowers, it's great for agriculture.No effect of the outside condition, recyclable of the essence, no smell exhaust

Open& Closing Type

This type combines the advantages of the opening type and closing type.No effect from the outside condition, when reach the set temperature, it shift intelligently between the opening type and closing type, the apparent heating recovery system and latent heating recovery system, to avoid the low heating efficiency at low air temperature. It can get the drying room hot fast without the electricity element heating at low air temperature, this system is more energy saving.