How to Install the Detachable Trolley for Drying Food

2 years ago

To save shipping cost, we design the trolley into the detachable. The video guids us how to install.Generally the trolley is used to dry fruit, vegetable,meat,fish,etc. Besides, in bread-making oven, it is also used to load the breads. Because the trolley is made of 201 or 304 stainless,which can stand high temperature and anti-rust. The trolley is also popular in kitchens, hotels, restaurants and flower planting factories.

The trolley can be customized. We can make as the clients' requirments. It can be made into 16layers or 32layers,which means it can fit 16 or 32 pieces trays.The design is flexiable.

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Product details
16 layers Trolley or Carts

The trolley is made of stainless steel. Generally it is commonly seen in bread bakery oven

The trolley can be made into the detachable or welded,which depends on clients' needs

32 Layers Trolley or Carts
Besides, in drying food industry, the trolleys are popular in the food factroies. Because it can stand high temperature, anti-rust and flexiable.
Four Wheels
they can stand 200-500kg food 

Stainless Steel Screws 

fasten the trolley 


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