About us

Nowadays, video plays an important role for enterprises to interact with their customers effectively, shorten the distance and put them on the same wavelength.

As one of professional video marketing companies rich in experience, Guangzhou Weyes Network Technology Co., Ltd. founded Video2B. Video2B is here to serve for global wholesale business, functioning itself as a video branding platform for manufacturers in each industry, and concurrently a B2B trading center for wholesalers looking for miscellaneous products. Video2B thrives in the format of catapulting foreign trade for enterprises.

For export business of all

  • Video website

    Video website establishment integrated with fast bulk impressively marketing videos making, with one click on " share", all could be synchronized on 104+ languages websites and global SNS platforms to tremendously boost video visibility and drive traffics flooding into 104+ languages websites.

  • Video templates

    1000+ Video2B video making & marketing professionals and hundreds of thousands of powerful video templates are here to slash at all enterprises' cost and scale up inquiries bulk by bulk from global wholesale customers.

  • 104 languages websites

    Low cost, easy operation, 104+ promo video websites with AI optimization to help enterprise raise 104+ websites' keywords rankings accurately and quickly, reaching global customers from all countries and regions more effectively.

  • Custom video

    Unique video template available to tailor personalized enterprise video.

  • Analytic report

    Instantaneous and accurate analytic report to track 104+ websites' traffics & enhance conversion rate.

  • 24 hrs service

    24 hrs professional global video marketing service.

For import business of all

  • Encrypted privacy

    Free to sign up for Video2b with privacy encrypted.

  • The best viewing experience

    Ultra-fast download speed, dulcet & concise voice & music video product display to best product video watching experience.

  • Quick reply

    Best B2B trading center gathering all wholesale manufacturers for import enterprises to reach, fast reply within 24 hrs.

  • Easy to purchase

    Easy sourcing, get multiple quotations from different wholesale manufacturers on Video2B to cheapen wholesale cost at the most extent.

  • Wholesale supply

    Premium manufacturers with quality-assurance product wholesale supply.

  • After-sales service

    Fast drop shipping & return guaranteed.After-sales service