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Automotive bearings, the highest speed requirements are turbo charger bearings, bearings with good acceleration response, as well as high-speed rotation of low torque, low vibration and low temperature rise. Because of its low temperature rise in the work, can reduce the amount of lubricating oil, thus reducing oil mixing resistance, bearing Torque, speed up. In addition, rail vehicles use it, and its durability and reliability under harsh conditions have been proven. 2, Motor Motor Motor use it can achieve permanent insulation, motor used for deceleration and energy-saving devices, the internal leakage can cause arc discharge phenomenon.

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Ceramic Ball bearings classification: according to the material classification: Ceramic bearings can be divided into zirconia ceramic bearings, silicon nitride ceramic bearings, composite ceramic material bearings. According to the structure: Ceramic bearing can be divided into: Zirconia belt retainer ceramic bearing, silicon nitride belt retainer ceramic bearing, composite belt retainer ceramic bearing. Ceramic bearings in general to maintain the material as a standard configuration, you can also use glass fiber reinforced nylon 66(GRPA66-25) , special engineering plastics (PEEK, Pi) , stainless steel (SUS316, SUS304) , brass (Cu) and so on. The ceramic material cage is seldom used because of the difficult problems such as hole processing and molding technology Due to the material limitation of the retainer, we have developed the Zirconia full ball ceramic bearing without retainer, the silicon nitride full ball ceramic bearing and the composite full ball ceramic bearing. According to the integrity of the material: The above mentioned main components of the ceramic bearing inner and Outer Rings and rolling body are more ceramic materials, on the definition of ceramic bearings; A bearing is defined as a hybrid ceramic bearing if a portion of the bearing’s inner and Outer Rings and rollers is not made of ceramic material. Hybrid ceramic bearing is widely used in the ball using ceramic materials called ceramic ball bearings, can be divided into Zirconia ceramic ball bearings, silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings. Different materials and different structures of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings in the use of the need to pay attention to different issues, specific details, please consult ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings professional manufacturers for more help. THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CERAMIC BEARINGS: 1, low density: Because of low density of ceramic roller material, centrifugal load is small, and can work at a higher speed, and produce less heat. 2. MEDIUM ELASTIC MODULUS: The dynamic stiffness of the bearing is increased when the elastic modulus of the ceramic roller is higher than that of the steel roller, but too high elastic modulus will reduce the bearing capacity due to stress concentration. 3. Coefficient of thermal expansion: Coefficient of thermal expansion helps reduce sensitivity to temperature changes and thus prevents sticking. For hybrid roller bearings, the applicable operating speed range is wider.