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Because a bearing can choose different bearing seats, and a bearing seat can choose different types of bearings at the same time, there are many varieties of bearing seats.

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Silicon nitride ceramic ball is a fine ceramic sintered at high temperature in non-oxidation atmosphere. It has high strength, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can be used in seawater for a long time, and has the good function of no electricity and no magnetism. At 800 °C, the density of bearing steel is 3.20 g/cm3, which is more or less 1/3 of bearing steel. Component, small centrifugal force when rotating. COULD BE A high-speed operation. There is also self-lubrication, which may be utilized in environments where there is no highly contaminated lubricating medium. Become the preferred material for ceramic bearings, confusing ceramic ball bearings. Zirconia ceramic ball has high strength and toughness at room temperature, good wear resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high stiffness, non-magnetic, electrical insulation. At 600 °C, the density of Zirconia ceramic ball is 6.00 g/cm3, the strength and hardness are almost the same, and the thermal expansion rate is close to the metal expansion rate, so it can be bonded with the metal. High purity ZRO2 is white in primary color, yellow or gray in impurity, density of Zirconia is 5.6 g/cm3, melting point is 2715C. ZRO2 has good heat resistance, insulation and corrosion resistance. The commonly used Zirconia structural ceramic material is the TZP. The addition of Y2O3 in the data inhibits grain growth and solidifies the crystalline transition of Zirconia, which is more ductile in all PSZ or all polycrystalline ceramics. Zirconia ceramics have a high density of 5.95-6.05 GCM3 per cubic centimeter. Among the four kinds of ceramic spheres (SigN4, SiC, Al2O3, ZrO2) , Zirconia ceramics have high toughness, more than 8 MPAM12 and 10.5 X10 * C Coefficient of thermal expansion, the Coefficient of thermal expansion on the edge of the metal can be satisfactorily fitted to the metal, however, the dimensional fastness varies considerably with temperature, and the rotational fatigue contact takes effect in the case of destructive fracture, in some key occasions as solid as silicon nitride material. Zirconia ceramics have self-lubricating property, which may solve the problem of contamination and inconvenience caused by lubricating medium, good corrosion resistance and can also be used in medium acid, medium alkali and seawater medium, high temperature resistance, zirconia ceramics at 600 °C, strength, hardness almost unchanged; non-magnetic, insulation, magnetic field can also be used, non-conductive. Ceramic bearing because of its metal bearing incomparable excellent performance, high temperature resistance, super strength and so on in the new material world Clueless. In the past ten years, it has been widely used in various fields of national economy and people’s livelihood. Ceramic bearing is an indispensable basic element in mechanical equipment, because its heat resistance, high bearing capacity and other excellent functions are metal bearings can not be compared, it may be said that it takes the lead in the new data world. In the past ten years, it has been widely used in every category of national economy and people’s livelihood. Ceramic bearings classification Zirconia ceramic bearings 1, all ceramic bearings with magnetic and electrical insulation, wear and corrosion resistance, no oil self-lubrication, high temperature and high cold resistance, and other characteristics, can be used in extreme harsh environments and special conditions. 2. The ferrule and rotating body are made of Zirconia (zro 2) ceramic material. The die holder is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66(RPA66-25) , special engineering plastics (PEEK, Pi) , stainless steel (AISISUS316) , brass (Cu) , etc. . Silicon nitride ceramic bearing 1, silicon nitride all ceramic bearing rings and rotating body adopt silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic material, individual also can use RPA66-25, PEEK, Pi, as well as phenolic cloth clip bakelite pipe and so on. 2. Comparing the ZRO2 data with SIN4 ceramic bearings, the ZRO2 data can be used for higher speed and load capacity, as well as higher ambient temperature. At the same time can supply for high-speed high-precision high-rigid spindle sophisticated ceramic bearings, the highest manufacturing accuracy UP to p 4 to UP grade. Silicon carbide ceramic bearing 1, silicon carbide is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material, high hardness, high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, good oxidation resistance, good thermal fastness, low Coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, as well as resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion, sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. 2. Al2O3 ceramic bearings compared with ZRO2 materials can be applied to higher ambient temperatures, full-sphere alumina ceramic bearings the highest temperature can reach 1200 °c ceramic ball bearings 1. Engineering ceramic bearings in ceramic bearing type SUFFIX CE, CE stands for ceramic bearings, such as bearing steel 6204-2RS with rubber seal ring, 6204-2RS CE stands for ceramic bearing 6204 with rubber seal ring. Ranur series engineering ceramic bearings introduction-as a well-known brand in Hunan Province engineering ceramic bearings technology service provider and product manufacturers, now has two independent brands (Ranu R, Ranuy) series engineering ceramic bearings, all we do is to always be prepared to address the more stringent operating conditions and increasing market requirements, and timely control and use how to improve the industry robustness and optimize the life cycle of assets. Ceramic Ball Dry isostatic press do ball low-temperature pre-firing, spheronization, high-temperature sintering, grinding but recently learned to do first precision, or high-temperature hardness after firing. Ranur series ceramic bearings are the guarantee of the high quality of China’s ceramic bearings. Ranur series ceramic bearings have high precision tolerance, unique design of the internal structure, and high quality special materials for engineering ceramic bearings. Ranur series ceramic bearings are: high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, magneto-electric insulation, oil-free self-lubrication, high speed and other characteristics. The working principle of the plastic rolling bearing and the plastic sliding bearing can be distinguished by the name, the friction which occurs when the plastic rolling bearing works is the rolling friction, and the sliding friction which occurs when the plastic sliding bearing works is the sliding friction; the rolling friction mainly depends on the manufacturing precision; and the friction of the plastic sliding bearing mainly depends on the material of the sliding surface. Can Be used in extremely harsh environment and special working conditions. Ranur series engineering ceramic bearing technology classification according to bearing data divided zirconia ceramic bearing, silicon nitride ceramic bearing, silicon carbide ceramic bearing, alumina ceramic bearing, confused ceramic ball bearing according to bearing classification deep groove ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing, planar thrust ball bearing, outer spherical surface ball bearing... According to the bearing precision P0, P6, P5, p4 according to bearing size micro bearings, small bearings, medium and small bearings, medium and large bearings, large bearings (nominal diameter category of 3-430mm bearings) according to the processing of German design, production, the existence of high cost-effective ceramic bearings, German design, German production, custom-made ceramic bearings according to customer special requests.