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STEP Welding Case Collection

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STEP Welding Case Collection

1.SA8/1800 robot welding

Application of Project: Welding of one round pipe

Terminal Customer: Zhuzhou Tianyi Automation Welding Equipment Co., Ltd

Project description:

This project is a SA8/1800 with Panasonic welding machine to communicate by bus, the product is fixed on the customer's own design of two displacement mechanism, a total of two stations, After the product welding, the mechanism can be 180 degrees rotating robot to the other side of the product welding. Welding products for carbon steel, pipe and shaft sleeve welding together, the process is relatively simple, no advanced welding function. 


Our company a SA8/1800 robot with a Panasonic welding machine,configuration customers Panasonic welding torch, deliver Silk mechanism, gun cleaning mechanism and rotary positioning mechanism, etc.

2.SA1800 Loader Structure Welding Workstation

Project Application:Linyi Zhengda Machinery Co., Ltd.

Integrator: Shandong Shuaike Robot Co., Ltd

Project description:

this customer 2 SA1800 robots, match Otai MIG- 500pulse water cold welder, Matching two manual turning bit machine positioning accuracy is extremely poor. The target object is made of carbon steel, with a circular arc and multiple corners to be welded, and the middle needs to be manually flipped over the reverse side of the welding. High pressure position finding and arc tracking are used in welding, and the welding effect can reach customer satisfaction.


Before welding


After welding

Configuration: we provide two SA1800 robots, by the integrator to provide Otai welding machine and gun clearing station, customers from the line provides the position changing machine (the original manual welding position changing machine refit), through the use of the position finding and tracking function, makes up for the problem that the manual position changing machine is not correct and the workpiece team error.