Steel silo project brewing industry

2 years ago
Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in steel silo equipment and storage engineering technology research, development, design, manufacturing and related products sales & service. Steel silo engineering could be applied in: food industry, feed industry, oil industry, building materials industry, brewing industry and port industry. FDSP is specialized in design, manufacture, installation for both domestic and foreign helix silo and bolt silo project.
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Product details

     2-1000T wheat steel silo project in brewing industry     

The technological characteristics are as follows:

1、The main materials in silo are wheat, the silo type is the bolt silo with diameter ¢10.08m, the height of the straight part is 15.68m, and supported by the steel structure.

2、 The main process: unloading-cleaning-storage-discharging

Project Description:

1) unloading process is single loading, the grizzly cannot carry the truck, dumping hoper is equipped with de-dusting system to improve the working condition.

2)cleaning process is equipped with vibration screener to clean by vertical suction tube, the capacity is 50TPH

3)storage process: the capacity for inlet is 50TPH, there is temperature measuring and ventilation system inside the silowhich could control the food condition.

 Features of the engineering process design:

(1) equipped with vibration cleaning sifter specially used for cleaning wheat and paddy;

(2) Supported by steel structure. For silos of 1000T and below, we will recommend our customer to choose silo with steel structure support reduce the overall cost (including the civil construction cost of the customer)

(3) When design the silo, the ventilation screen is designed to be detachable and easy to replace, so as to keep the air duct unobstructed and the good ventilation effect, effectively control the grain situation in the silo;

(4) the silo bottom is all steel cones.

Brewing industry 1-1500T sorghum silo project

This project is a 1-1500t sorghum silo storage project. The process characteristics of this project are as follows:

1. The main materials in the steel silo are: sorghum, the silo type is the assembly silo, the diameter is ¢12.8m , 15.68m high in the straight tube section, and the foundation form is the concrete full cone foundation;

2. Main process flow: unloading -- silo storage -- silo output:

Project Description:

1、The unloading section is single-sided unloading, the unloading grid screen is the non truck load-bearing model. The output speed is 40tph.

2、Warehouse exit section: the silo input speed is 40TPH, and the silo output speed is 20TPH. In this scheme, it is mainly used for storing raw sorghum used for brewing. Ventilation & temperature measuring system are configured inside the silo to effectively control the grain situation inside the silo.

 Features of the engineering process design:

(1) As the raw materials in the brewing industry are generally very clean, no cleaning and dusting system is provided in this project;

(2) In the design of silo foundation, the ventilation screen is designed in the form of detachable and easy to replace, so as to keep the air duct unobstructed and the ventilation effect, and effectively control the grain situation in the silo;

(3) The base of the silo bottom is designed in the form of concrete cone bottom, so that the material can go out of the silo by its own gravity, saving equipment and power;