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As the leading LiteHome Auto sales led lighting manufacturer in china

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With such a long lifespan, it will be part of people's lives for many years. It has been regarded as one of the most important parts oflighting places.

Shenzhen Litehome Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is focus on led linear lighting oem&odm. Litehome led lighting man

What products do LiteHomeLED produce? We focus on the development and production of LED Linear Light.the elegant and uniform light according to different applications like supermarket, retail places, warehouses, offices, lecture halls, play courts, gymnasium, workshops, car parks.How about the MOQ ? Lower MOQ of 6Pcs/Ctn per style.How many the warranty? All products are covered by LiteHome with a 5 years warranty, And we will do free replacement for all the problem items.

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Floor 3, building C, Zhaofeng Industrial Park, No. 16, Shuitian 1st Road, Tongle community, Baolong street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, P.R.C
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As the authority in car dealership led lighting, LiteHome LED provides innovative, customized solutions for clients in the automotive sales industry.  Car dealerships utilize strategic lighting to drive sales, protect inventory, and beat the competition.  Attractive, bright lights draw customers into the lot and set the dealership apart from its competition.  Lights also highlight the best features of the cars  in the lot and the showroom, which can positively influence purchasing decisions.  This powerful lighting serves as a layer of security for patrons and workers, and it safeguards the automobiles as well.

At LiteHome LED, we understand the importance of lighting for car dealerships, and we also recognize the expenses involved in lighting these areas.  During our initial assessment, our team analyzes legacy lighting, determines the lighting requirements of the area, and recommends the best LED replacement products.  We also provide a detailed report on the current amount of energy used, the amount that can be saved by switching to LED, and the amount that can be saved through available rebates.  This transparency helps us deliver an outstanding LED solution that complements business objectives and saves on your bottom line.


LED Lighting for Dealerships

The team at LiteHome LED has extensive experience with led lighting, and we are experts with many different types of lighting.  For car dealerships, there are interior and exterior areas with unique lighting requirements and solutions.  Interior areas, such as a car showroom or offices, utilize led linear light and track downlight to illuminate the space.  The exterior of the car dealership uses tri proof light or led linkable vapor tight and wall pack lighting to brighten the lot.  Regardless of your lighting requirements, LiteHome LED has the expertise to upgrade or retrofit your legacy lighting to LED.


Why Switch to LED?

Car dealerships have a considerable amount of space to illuminate, and the lights usually run around the clock.  Legacy lighting consumes energy and requires routine energy, which adds to maintenance and operational expenses.  LED lights, however, require 70% less energy than their traditional counterparts, and they have a lifespan of 30,000-50,000 hours longer than legacy lighting.  For car dealerships, the switch to LED equals major savings for your bottom line.


Why LiteHome LED?

As the leading LiteHome LED manufacturer in china, LiteHome LED serves each nation.
We focus on the development and production of LED Linear Light. Elegant and uniform lighting is designed for different applications. In addition, we have an experienced R&D and technical team to support OEM&ODM services.

We offer professional assessment, design, and we have the expertise to deliver an outstanding LED lighting project that saves on energy and maintenance costs.  With years of project experience, LiteHome LED provides custom LED lighting solutions tailored to each unique client, market, and application.

To request a free assessment of your car dealership, contact the team at LiteHome LED today.