Proposing Decoration

1 year ago

Our candles are suitable for proposing decoration and can be placed in various shapes and look very beautiful.My heart belongs to you at the first sight.Every person will meet the right person in the world.I am very happy because I have found my one and only you.

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Product details

Product description

No longer a series of candles hang in the trees, the latest LED candle just need a clip easily caught in a tree, and you can use the remote control to switch them.


1. Energy Saving (LED lights energy-saving, low-power, high brightness)

2. Environmental (all materials produced in accordance with environmental protection, in line with international environmental standards, and the luminescent crystal)

3. Easy operation (single color of warm white, two buttons / seven buttons / 6H timer eight buttons, brighten, darken, fast flash, slow flash, on, off for using the remote control; 7colors & 12colors with the warm light / pure light and color light is united in a candle with a remote control, RGB color, flickering, open, close, 4 & 6 & 8 hours timer function)

4. Realistic like the real candle (high simulation lighting and appearance design likes the real candle)

5. Removable (change the limitations of traditional candles with the alternating current in the European market, realize a new generation of energy-saving, removable and environmentally friend candles)

6. Convenient display (it can be flatted for decoration, attached to the metal object using the unique magnetic at any angle, clipped onto a Christmas tree, sucked on the smooth walls and glass with the plastic sucker, plugged into the beach or the lawn with a nail)

7. Long distance of the remote (the distance can be to 5 / 15 meters with the infrared remote control)

8. Working time: one AA battery can work 250 hours of continuous lighting (over 10 days) or one AAA battery can be continuously lighting 180 hours (over seven days). And standby time can be more than 100 days, you need not replace the battery during the Christmas period, and have a good time without any worries. 

Technical Details:

1. Size: 100(H)* 18(D)mm / 88(H)* 14(D)mm

2. Voltage: 1.5V,  (AA/AAA dry batteries) for the candle

3. Remote Control: Infrared, CR2025 (included) / AAA*2 (excluded)

4. Range: not more than 5m / 15m

5. Suitable for indoor (IP44) and outdoor (IP44)

Safety and important information:

1. The product is not subject to change in technology and machinery, otherwise it will immediately invalidated! No circumstances shall remove the mark or brand name.

2. Before using it, check whether the product is damaged.If the product displays damaged, it must be checked, repaired or replaced by an expert, then sold. Do not use damaged, defective product.  

3. Make sure that all packaging materials and accessories, especially small parts: screws. Keep out of the reach of children, otherwise there is danger!

4. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss or damage to the user who does not comply with practical instructions and unauthorized change of the product .

5. This product should be stored out the reach of children or animals.

6. Please take care of instructions and packing. Thank you!

7. The used batteries of the electronic products are not household garbage, please throw into the trash marked with cross.

8. Batteries contain lead, cadmium, mercury, please protect the environment, thank you.

Cleaning instructions :

With a dry , lint-free cotton cloth , you can use a slightly damp cloth for heavier dirty. Ensure that the product is turned off , the power supply has been cut off . Do not use chemical cleaning agents,otherwise it may damage the surface of the product.

Battery practical instructions :

1. Open the battery cover , insert the battery correctly .

2. When inserting the batteries , make sure that the correct polarity (±).

3. Use leak-proof , high- quality batteries or rechargeable batteries.

4. Remove the batteries / rechargeable batteries if it is not used for the long periods .

5. Products and batteries / rechargeable batteries only at 15-40 ℃, dry place for storage.

6. Battery / rechargeable batteries are not toys and should be placed out of reach of children

7. Stored or used : damaged or leaking batteries / rechargeable batteries may result in serious injury. Always use safety glasses and protective gloves.


1. Open the package of the candles and remote control , check the components.

2. Unscrew the candle below, and then placed a candle batteries (alkaline 1.5V, AAA or AA dry batteries) , and then tighten. Note: Be sure to comply with the polarity.

3. Remove the plastic safety card from the end of the remote control. Do not discard the plastic, it will be re- plug when you not need remote control.