Warm White Wireless Rechargeable LED Tea Light Candles with Remote Control

2 years ago
Warm White Wireless Rechargeable LED Tea Light Candles with Remote Control

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Product details

Please read the instructions carefully before using.

Characteristics and Application

1. The light adopts LED as illumination, not causes smoke, carcinogen, oil and fire.

2. High efficiency of LED. Safe around children and pets.

3. The light can be put into cup to use so that the flame is more lifelike.

4. The candle light can be used in hotel, restaurant, saloon or party to raise romantic atmosphere. Great for lighting up holiday decorations.

5. Light color and working mode can be controlled by remote control.



1. Material: ABS plastic

2. Size:

- Candle:46(D)*70(H)mm

-Charging base:139(L)*70(W)*26(H)mm

3. LED light:Warm white/12 colors

4. Battery:

-lithium cell 3.7V/350mA

-Remote control:1*CR2032 button cell(replaceable)   

5. AC adapter:220V/12W(input),DC 12V/1A(output),USA/EU/UK/AU plug option.

6. Charging time: up to 4 hours

7. Working time:72~100 hours(full power condition).

8. Remote control:7 keys for warm white light,18 keys for 12 colors light.

9. Remote distance:3~5m.


User Guide    

1. There is a magnet at the bottom of the candles with frosted holder,which can be easily attached to the metal objects or flat.

2. When the light becomes dim or stops working completely, it needs to be charged.

3. When the power supply connected to the base, placing the candles on the acupoint of the charging base, using the interval charging mode,charging for one minute then stopping for 20 seconds, regularly charging for 4 hours to stop charging.

4. The indicator light on the base will be green that indicate the candles start to be charged;the indicator will be red that indicate the candles will be charged full,.

5. The base can be charged freely expanded and connected in series. Only one power supply can be used. 10pcs bases are connected in series to charge together to save power.

6. The candles will be controlled with remote control to turn on and off, adjust brightness and flicker mode.It can be turned off after 6 hours and then turned on after 18 hours.

7. Please only use the original AC adapter and charging base.

8. To maintain the longlife internal battery,please charge at least once each month.

9. Gently wipe the charging base and lights with soft cloth better with a little of water or alcohol.


Package Contents

2/4/6 * LED candles

2/4/6 * Frosted Holders

1* charging base

1* AC adapter(EU,US,UK,AU type optional)

1* Manual

1* Remote control



1. The candles should be fully contacted with the round pin of the base to avoid short circuit.

2. Charting time should be no more than 4h,over charging may damage battery.

3. The light is not waterproof and do not leave the light outdoors for long time.

4. Remote control distance may be influenced by angle,light,obstancle,etc.Please control it in normal distance and keep it in horizontal level.

5. Take care of the light when it is not used for long time.