The Punching and Stamping Workshop

1 year ago
Introduction:The punching and stamping workshop is one of our core production department. The punching and stamping workshop including material cutting, punching, stamping, bending, sanding and welding.

Cutting machine
Cutting machine mostly enhance the production. The daily output can be up to 2000pcs. And monthly output ca n be up to 60000pcs. It could save the labor cost a lot.  Our need these two machines to help cut materials for our daily products, which is very useful.

Punching and stamping
BMA has more than 10 punching and stamping machine. 25T, 30T, 40T, 63T. The most powerful is the 63T. Just because BMA has so many good machine, we can always supply high quality products to the customers. All of the BMA workers well-training before online working. This also can reduce mistake happen and even do with the self-examinte. BMA arranged the QC inspection during production to double check quality. If so, can guranttee the high quality.

Bending machine
The bending machine make BMA has more advantage than other factories. This bending machine always produce, door hooks, memo boards and many other plate bending products. If produce by this bending machine, it will avoid scratching quality problem.

Weling machine
BMA right now has more than 14 welding machines but we are still increasing for more orders. Most the weling machine arehuman welding and Semi-automatic with new technique. Not only quality control better but also the capacity increase. The welding machine can produce door hooks, condiment sets, fruitbaskets and so on.
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