DECO RAS Application in JB Inland Fish Farm, Jiangxi

2 years ago

DECO RAS Application in JB Fish Farm, Jiangxi Province, China. JB Fish Farm features 12 recirculating aquaculture systems with 120 fish tanks, holding culturing a water volume of 3600m³ in operation. The RAS is designed and installed by DECO in early 2021. The farm is culturing mandarin fish at the moment. 

DECO RAS applied in this project consists of some major equipment including drum filter, protein skimmer, biofilter, and ozone generator. Each system is designed to hold 300m³ of water for culturing operation. Intelligent water quality monitoring systems are installed to measure the temperature, dissolved oxygen, and also PH value in the culturing water, so as the control the pump to automatically switch on or off to input oxygen to the water or control the heat pump to regulate the temperature of the water to be within a suitable range.

The project is a milestone and pilot project for the local modern fishery business. Local government and investors cooperate together to promote this innovative and intelligent solution for rural economic development. 

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