WNS Series Industrial Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturers

2 years ago

Gas Steam Boiler Product Features:

1. WNS series gas fired boiler adopts the boiler structure of three passes fully wet back technology.

2. The design of furnace heat transfer and flue gas tube radiation heat transfer is reasonable, the boiler layout is reasonable, and the thermal efficiency is high.

3. The water capacity of the boiler is larger, and the whole radiation heat transfer and heat exchange technology is adopted, which is especially suitable for medium and large boilers.

4. The furnace adopts a unique combustion chamber layout, the whole combustion chamber is located in the center of the boiler water, making full use of radiation heat transfer to heat the boiler water, and the corrugated furnace is used as the combustion chamber so that the combustion is full, the heat exchange is more full, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is higher.

5. The design of the furnace heating surface is simplified, with a larger heating area, smaller stress, more stability, and higher thermal efficiency.

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Product details

Natural Gas Steam Boiler Technical Parameter:

Model:WNS Type

Structure:Wet Back Fire Tube Three Pass

Rated Steam Capacity:1-20 ton/hr

Rated Steam Pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 Mpa

Rated Steam Temperature:170/184/194/204/225°C

Fuel: Natural Gas,Diesel OIL,LPG,LNG

Gas Fired Boiler Application

Textile Mill,Food and Beverage,Chemical,Medicine,Light Industry,Rubber,Printing and Dyeing Plant,Paper Mill,Wood Processing,Garment and Laundry etc.