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3 years ago

Modified/Pregelatinized Starch Making Machine For Industry

 Modifed starch is always used as building material,oil drilling material and so on.The processing line adopts cereals flour (starch, corn, wheat, rice, oat, soy, etc)as raw material to produce nutrition powder though mixer, extruder, dryer to crusher. baby food, FBF, CSB, samaposha, nutritional powder,denatured starch etc can be produced by this processing line.

The line can produce the modified starch which is popular used in diferent industries such as painting, oil sealing, wooden box, cartons, adheseive etc

LUERYA Machinery China Modified starch 500kghour twin screw extruder manufacturers-LUERYA Machinery,Our specialized R&D teams are constantly developing new machines, effectively fabricating tailor-made machines, provide technology support with you forever

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Product Description
SHANDONG LUERYA MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. will perfectly finish outer packing for  in case of any damage.


1.Do you supply packing machine?
Yes. Not only vertical packing machine but also horizontal packing machines.
2.How long is your machine guarantee?
One year (caculated from the equipment arrives and start install), we alwasy have new technology support on machine service life period.
3.Will you supply related food formula?
Yes, after you paying the ordered we will supply the realted formulars which you will produce free of charge.


1.Provide factory layout according to your factory size in advance
2.Rich experiences technicians will teach your workers how to install machines, how to operate machines, how to maintain machines during daily working
3.All of machine parts, electronic components, and safety devices follow CE certificate.
4.Our specialized R&D teams are constantly developing new machines, effectively fabricating tailor-made machines, provide technology support with you forever

About LUERYA Machinery

Shandong Leya Machinery Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise that integrates technology, engineering and trading. The company is the standing council unit of China Foodstuff and Packing Machinery Association as well as chief unit of Puffed Food and Machinery Association.     The company has well-experienced managers, outstanding engineers as well as well-trained technical workers. By constant technical exchange with well-known firms of the same line in the world and also by introduction of advanced techniques and experiences into our company, we have established a strong technical guarantee system.     From the very beginning, our company has been persisting in the tenet of pursuing brilliance and the managing idea and developing with customers. In our management, it adheres to the principle of whole-hearted attitude, good credit, excellent quality and perfect service, and exerts strict quality control in production, sales and after-sales  service. We base our products development and improvement on the suggestions and demands of our customers.      We have, on the basis of domestic market, developed international market and established a sales network throughout the world. Our products are sold very well throughout China and are also introduced to South-east Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and other regions. Our market share is increasing each year. Leya  Company will go all out and make innovations to contribute to the development of our national foodstuff industry

2.  Mixing system --- Extrusion system --- Dryer system --- Crusher system --- Package system
Product Paramenters
Installation power
Actual Power
SX-65 Twin screw extruder production line
SX-70 Twin screw extruder production line
SX-85 Twin screw extruder production line
28x2x3 m
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1. SX65 Double Screw Extruder

1. This machine is consisting of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system and controlling system.
2. It can process various materials, frequency speed-controlling, high automation, stable per formation, long life.
3. Longer life: uses special material and technology, endure fray.
2. SX70 Double Screw Extruder
1. New type Rail-mounted cutting system;
2. Gear Box is manufactured by our factory;
3. New Type Direct Transmit System, more power (no belt, between gear box with motor), reducing energy consumption;
4. Full automatic heating system and cooling system;
Combination Screw
Sliding Cutting System
PLC System
Driving System

3. Main Machine (New design) - Dryer

1. The oven is a five layers,10 meters circulated continuous dryer. 
2. It mainly consist of drive motor,stainless steel drive belt, circulating fan, dehumidification equipment, aircraft, PLC control system, etc. 
3. The Moisture of the dried material is around 9-10%.
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