insect fly mouse cockroach trap board control make machine

2 years ago

The sticky insect board machine manufactured by our company is a special equipment for producing sticky

insect board. Glue compounding, slitting, punching, and counting can be done all at once on this equipment.

This equipment is easy and convenient to operate, it is a high-speed, efficient and stable equipment.

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Product details

1. The external dimensions of the host: 333*115*180cm; 

2. Overall dimensions of the glue machine: 110*56*105cm; 

3. Counting extension cord size: 300*98.5 (including work surface) * (70-95 adjustable) cm; 

4. Equipment power supply: AC380V;

5. Total power: 18.5kw (of which heating power is 15kw); 

6. Standard configuration of 80 kg capacity glue melter, double gear pump, double motor and double inverter; 

7. Standard Mitsubishi PLC; 

8. Use Panasonic servo motor; 

9. Three sets of magnetic powder clutch and air shaft; 

10. Three sets of ultrasonic correction system, which can sense any color including transparent film, both transparent release film and conventional release paper can be used; 

11. Maximum unwinding diameter: ¢800mm (400-500mm is recommended for easy operation); 

12. Inner diameter of paper tube: ¢76mm; 

13. The maximum width of the raw material roll: 300mm, the maximum glue width is 290mm;