Best Best Plate Centrifuge Supplier Plate Type Waste Oil Sedimentation Decanter Centrifuge Continuous Centrifuge high speed high efficiency solid liquid separator Supplier

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PS series Flat Direct filtration centrifuge's bowl is based parts,direct-coupled motor drives the bowl rotate at high speed to form a centrifugal force field.Suspension liquid flow into the bowl from the top of the feeding tube,under the action of centrifugal force,threw to the drum wall,then into the inter-layer between shell and bowl through the filter holes in the bowl.Next,threw into the liquid collection chamber at the bottom of machine,discharged by the drain pipe,and solid phase retained the bowl.For washing,the washing water through the washing tube to wash,solid phase is discharged from the top by hand.

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ZhongLian Best Best Plate Centrifuge Supplier Plate Type Waste Oil Sedimentation Decanter Centrifuge Continuous Centrifuge high speed high efficiency solid liquid separator Supplier,ISO9001 quality certification

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1.Chemical Industry:gypsum,thiamin,Glauber's salt,ferric sulfate,boric acid,borax,dye,rubber

additive,and other chemical products.

2.Food industry:kitchen salt,sodium glutamate,food additive,chemical seasonings,sugar.

3.Pharmaceutical:Vitamin Extraction,biotic,traditional Chinese medicine and other various drugs.

4.Mine and Metallurgy:Copper,zinc,minerals,and metal refining.

5. Environmental Protection:with acid discharge,pure water sludge and sewage sludge,etc.

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1.How to ensure the machine’s quality after buyer put the order?
Before the delivery, we will test the machine. When we make sure it run faultlessly, we will send you machine’s pictures and videos. Or You can come to us to check by yourself, or by the third party inspection organization contacted by your side.
2.How can our machine match client demand well?
We will send your the video or some question to confirm your demand. if the machine is suitable for you, we will make a detail project for you. You can send us sample to us and we will take a video for you. Or we also welcome you take the sample by yourself to our factory to see the machine effect.
3.Worry us won't deliver the machine after you pay the cost.
We are the VIP member in ALIBABA. Please note our above business license and certificates. And if you don't trust us, you can use Alibaba’s trade assurance service or by LC.


1.Complete testing methods, physical and chemical testing center, non-destructive testing laboratory and overspeed laboratory
2.SGS international certification
3.A number of national patent certificates
4.High-tech Enterprise Certificate

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Liaoyang Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. is belong to Zhonglian group,was established in 2001.The head office is located in Liaoyang city,Liaoning province.We are the professional manufacturing enterprises of pharmaceutical equipment and food equipment,mainly including separating equipment,filling equipment,packing equipment,etc.The company covers an area of ten thousand square meters,production workshop area of seven thousand square meters,own professional technical team and after-sales service team. The company took the lead through the ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certification in the same industry,and having finished SGS,CE,GMP certification standards,obtaining Utility Model Patent Certificate and many other awards. Our company have built a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many strong manufacturing enterprises in China,can supply the whole project service for our customers with high quality equipment,competitive price,reliable superior service.At present,our successful project are coconut oil production line,liquid filling production line and packing production line and so on.