KR120 therapy wrap

2 years ago

Today, let me show you how does our new KR120 therapy wrap works ?

First of all, Plug into the AC socket and the button illuminates green than press the power button to turn the device on.  
Then, Press the button once, and all LEDs turn on.
Press again, and only the red LEDs will be on, and near infrared off.
Press again, only near infrared LED on, and red LEDs off.
Press again, and all LED diodes will turn off.

Now wrap it around your waist , you can sit down and enjoy 20 minutes of physical therapy for pain relief.

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Product details


Product nameKR 120 WrapEMF0 inch : 0 uT (Safe)
Wavelength660nm:850nm=1:2Irradiance0 inch : > 125 mW/cm²
LED QTY120 PCSMaterialFabric
Product Size1180*200*4.95mmColorBlack
Product Weight0.58 kgPackage include1* Red light therapy Pad
1* Power Cord

1* Adaptor

1* Stretchy Band
1* Connecting Wire( for power bank )
1* User Manual

Rating Power60 W
Actual Power25 W
Timer20 Minutes
Pulsed10 Hz

Selling Points

1. Better effect : 3 pcs Leds chips in one led diode including 660nm 850nm , lighting will be much more uniform than each led diode at one wavelength ;

2. The device can be folded in multiple angles, it is easy to carry and used for versatile condition like shoudler pain , feet ,knee pain ,ect ;

3. Timer : 20 Minutes . The device will shut off automatically after working for 20 minutes ;

4. Pulse which show much more effects than constant lighting ;

5. It can be equipped with power bank (Not included). You can walk around freely and get rid of the fixed power supply .