Shenzhen Zhongde Audio-Technical Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Zhongde Audio-Technical Co., Ltd.
Profile : Shenzhen Zhongde Audio-Technical Co., Ltd. was established on December 17, 1997. For 25 years, the company has been committed to hearing research, hearing aid research and development, and speech processing algorithm innovation under the leadership of Mr. Huang Zhengdong, an expert in audiology and electronic communication; Digital hearing aid, AI intelligence, 2.4G wireless and charging technology are the core; Launch a full range: Sino German AI intelligent hearing aids; Sino German hearing has formed a multi brand strategy: Sino German, Riyin, Yunsheng, hearing Shi and listening Bai; Riyin is a trademark of the United States and the European Union, laying a solid foundation for building overseas brands; AI intelligent matching platform, users can complete by themselves on [Riyin app]: hearing assessment, AI intelligent matching, listening experience assessment, online service, hearing aid remote control and other comprehensive services; 2.4G wireless technology is directly connected with the hearing aid, so that users can not only obtain clear hearing aid effect, but also get the convenience of answering the phone. Riyin hearing aid can listen to news, music and TV; Sino German hearing aids have obtained the following certifications: FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS, medical device production license, medical device registration certificate, IS09001 quality system international certification; We are moving forward, we will never stop, so that people with hearing loss in China and around the world can listen to the voice of the world and enjoy the joy of the world!
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