Anhui Youyu Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.
Anhui Youyu Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.
Profile : Anhui Youyu Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. is an innovative and technological enterprise that is moving towards internationalization and diversified development. It was established in 2012 with a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. Technology Enterprise. The company focuses on the R&D, production and overall solutions of electric heat tracing series products, provides customers with personalized and customized products and all-round services, takes customer experience as the core, and helps customers provide optimized and cost-effective system overall solutions to satisfy customers various needs. The company's products cover two series of products, self-regulating and constant wattage, as well as supporting accessories, control boxes, etc., mainly including: self-regulating heating cable, constant wattage heating cable, mineral insulated heating cable, metal alloy heating cable, silicone rubber heating cables, snow-melting and ice-melting cables, snow-melting and ice-melting heating mats, step snow-melting mats, fiberglass mesh heating mats, aluminum foil heating mats, environmental protection anti-corrosion sampling heating composite pipes, electric heating insulation blankets, electric towel racks. Products are widely used in petroleum, electric power, steel, chemical industry, gas, refrigeration, food, medicine, machinery, construction, fire protection, solar energy, electric heating, drying room, breeding, geothermal cultivation, ships, carriages, offshore oil platforms, West-East Gas Pipeline and many other fields. The company provides professional industrial and civil pipelines and equipment temperature maintenance, antifreeze, thermal insulation electric heat tracing system technical plan; complete from project design, production, sales, construction, turnkey overall Services, realize EPC general package. With excellent quality, honest management, professional service, and advanced management, it stands out from many electric heat tracing manufacturers and ranks in the forefront of electric heat tracing industry! "The pursuit of professionalism" is our aim! "Quality Service" is our responsibility! "Pilot Heating" is our goal! The company is willing to work hand in hand with all walks of life, take leading China's electric heating industry as its own responsibility, strive for survival by quality, and seek development by innovation to create a new benchmark enterprise for electric heat tracing, become a respected brand enterprise, create value for the society, and serve Employees create happiness, repay the society, and benefit the people!
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