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2 years ago
The process of Twesix hot air sausage dryer is mainly divided into three stages:
1. The stage of drying the sausage at constant speed.
It takes 5 to 6 hours. Within two hours after the materials are loaded into the drying room, the temperature quickly rises to 60 to 65 degrees without dehumidification. This process is mainly used as a fermentation process to control the color and taste of the meat. This is what we call the warm-up phase. After the warm-up time, adjust the temperature to 45 to 50 degrees, and control the humidity within the range of 50% to 55%.

2. Sausage drying slow down drying stage.
The color development period and the shrinkage setting period are controlled. The temperature is controlled at 52 to 54 degrees, the humidity is controlled at about 45%, and the time is 3 to 4 hours. The sausage gradually changes from light red to bright red, and the casing begins to shrink. Pay attention to the appearance of hard shells, which can be used alternately with hot and cold, and the effect is good.

3. The fast drying stage of sausage drying
The main restrictive factor at this stage is temperature. In order to strengthen the drying speed, the temperature must be increased to 60 to 62 degrees, the drying time is controlled at 10 to 12 hours, and the relative humidity is controlled at about 38%. The humidity in the final drying of the sausage is controlled below 17%.
Using Liusheng air-energy sausage dryer to dry sausages not only removes the moisture in the material, but also retains the original color, fragrance, taste, shape and other qualities in appearance, ensuring that the sausage will not deteriorate in the future storage and shelf life. Does not mold or ferment.

The quality of sausage drying is not only related to the ingredients of the sausage, but also mainly depends on the drying technology of the sausage. The drying process of sausages not only removes water, but also affects the color, taste, shape and other sensory indicators of sausages. Twesix sausage dryers are used to dry sausages. The effect is fast and the quality is good. The whole drying process is pollution-free, safe and hygienic.
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