Outdoor 60w 80w 100W Smart Integrated All in One Remote Motion IP65 Sensor Led Solar Street Light With Lithium Battery

1 year ago

Outdoor 60w 80w 100W smart integrated all in one remote motion IP65 sensor led solar street light with lithium battery 

Product Features:

1.New design 60w 80w 100w Integrated all in one solar led street light .

2.100-200pcs supper bright high efficiency LED chips . 

3.High efficiency mono bifacial solar  modules increase 20%  extra power .

4.All in one solar street lights design easy to install and maintain .

5.Built-in motion sensor function smart control solar led lighting. 


6.Hollow shell design timely heat dissipation, extend lifetime .

7.High quality LifePO4 battery, support 5-7 cloudy /rainy days after full charging . 

8.7800lm-13000lm  solar 60w 80w 100w all in one start light 

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Product Introduction

140°wide lighting angle.Solar Start Light.

140°wide lighting angle.Solar Start Light.

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