Energy Saving 100W High Bay For Japan Market- GTL Lighting

2 years ago

Light Model Number : Highbay-60W/80W/100W/150W/200W/240W

1. Exceptional high quality lighting with maximum performance

2. Patent water wave optics lens of transmission rate 95% gives most accurate light output

3. Corrosion resistant with 168hrs of salt spray testing

4. High efficiency high lumen ip65 industrial 150w ufo led high bay

5. Dali dimmers and motion sensors are optional

6. Shenzhen 5 years warranty  Factory highbay light for  indoor Gym swimming Pool

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Product details

GTL LED High Bay Light Fixtures are the easy solution to indoor and outdoor area lighting needs in industrial and commercial applications. The warehouse high bay fixture is a great replacement for your metal halide fixtures, and provide a cost-efficient solution. High bay dimmable led lights are widely used in Garage, warehouse, basement, high shed factory, workshop, logistics center, exhibition hall, sports gymnasium, mine, highway toll station, supermarket. High bay lighting has been a popular choice for commercial and industrial users throughout the world for decades, due to its relatively compact size and intense lumen output. Over the past several years, LED technology has come to dominate the high bay marketplace due to improvements in energy efficiency and service life as well as considerably improved color rendering accuracy. This great leap forward in high bay lighting technology has saved users a considerable amount in operating and maintenance costs, as well as improved workplace safety and efficiency.